Message From Our President

When I started this business back in 1991, my mission was to provide outstanding customer service and support at an affordable price.  Creating software is somewhat subjective and every company will have a different opinion of how a given feature should be implemented, but providing exceptional service and support comes from dedication and hard work.  I believe that is exactly what we do at Cascade Data Solutions; we are dedicated to our customers, care about the nonprofit community, and work hard to give the absolute best support possible.

We take pride in the fundamental belief of always putting our customers first in everything we do and build on that foundation by continually improving our products and making them easier and easier to use.  I strongly believe that if you provide a well designed and easy to use software application, then service and support is easier to provide as well, which in turn keeps support and maintenance costs down.

I encourage you to do two things if you are considering joining our Cascade team, first take a look for yourself at our software. Request a demonstration to see just how user friendly and powerful our software is. Second, see what our customers have to say.   They will tell you all about our service and support, and how hard we work to serve and provide the nonprofit community to help maximize fundraising.  Thank you for taking time read about how we put you and your fundraising needs first in everything we do here at Cascade Data Solutions.


Don Bayne, President