About Cascade Data Solutions

We are an independent consulting and custom software development firm founded in 1991, located in Albany, Oregon. We specialize in the creation of innovative, cost-effective solutions designed to meet the specific needs of Nonprofits. At Cascade Data Solutions, we sincerely care about our clients and the positive way our software affects their ability to further their passion for philanthropy.  When you purchase software from us it's more than just buying a product.  You are joining us in a relationship where our goal is to help you utilize our software to its fullest potential and subsequently maximize your fundraising success.

Donation Tracker

In 1998 we designed a campaign management software package called Donation Tracker.  Donation Tracker was originally created as the result of the Benton County United Way office in Corvallis, Oregon being frustrated with their existing Campaign Management Software.  They convinced us of the need for United Way specific software with specific features unique to how United Way does business, and even more importantly, its need to be strongly supported.  In 1999, we took Donation Tracker to four other beta sites before selling it nationwide.  Since then, Donation Tracker has been widely accepted and has been sold to over 475 United Way offices in the United States and Canada.

Donation Director

Donation Director followed Donation Tracker in 2005.  Because of frequent requests from United Way affiliated agencies to purchase Donation Tracker, Cascade Data Solutions decided to follow this same model for creating specific donor management / fundraising software for nonprofit organizations.  We believe that currently the software options available in the nonprofit arena do not properly support the needs of nonprofits.  Other applications have either been simplified to the point they are missing important features, are way too complex to be understood by various staff members, or are far too expensive. Donation Director meets the needs of nonprofits by offering a powerful set of donor and fundraising management tools without burying them under needless levels of complexity and irrelevant features.  The cost of our software along with our annual support program is designed to allow nonprofits to budget properly and guarantee that they always have the necessary support available to them.