Donation Director Optional Software Modules

Donation Director's optional modules are purchased separately from the main application and have their own support costs. We separate these modules from Donation Director because in many cases they are not needed by all of our clients and it allows us to make Donation Director more affordable.  Below is a detailed description of each Optional Software Module that we currently offer for Donation Director.

Accounting Interface designed for QuickBooks®

Simplicity is the key feature of the Accounting Interface module.  All transactions that are keyed into Donation Director can potentially be imported into QuickBooks®. This includes new transactions, adjustments, and write-offs.  What you will see in QuickBooks® are journal entries that are associated with a customer named Donation Director.

After purchasing the Accounting Interface module, a Cascade Data Solutions Support Specialist will assist you in the initial setup.  This process involves connecting the Accounting Interface to your QuickBooks®, matching up the Donation Director chart of accounts with your QuickBooks® chart of accounts, assigning your QuickBooks® chart of accounts to your appeal categories and/or designations and if necessary, assigning classes.

The Accounting Interface module allows for a high degree of flexibility.  Importing is as simple as specifying a transaction date range, a batch date range or a batch number.  You can review the transactions that are pulled up prior to actually importing them into QuickBooks®.  You can also make simple changes to which chart of account item or class the transaction is to be assigned.

After the fact, you can stay in sync by running the Post Import Report.  This report compares your import log with the transaction information in Donation Director and QuickBooks®.  Any exceptions would indicate that something was changed in one location but not the other.

Custom Import Routine

Although we have a Standard Import included with Donation Director, our Custom Import module allows you to not only import account information, but transactional data as well.  Our Custom Import is designed to import donor account information as well as donor transactions from sources outside of Donation Director. The Custom Import allows for careful review of the information being imported, minimizing the creation of duplicate records.

Single User Multiple Database

Our Single User Multiple Database module allows for more than one nonprofit's donors to be stored in Donation Director. Each nonprofit's records are completely separated from the others and each are protected with individual user login IDs and passwords. Two or more nonprofits could conceivably share a single Donation Director installation using this module.