Donation Director Product Highlights

Manage Membership & Alumni

Manage your memberships with multiple membership types and categories with rolling or non-rolling membership periods.  You can send new, returning, or expired membership letters, as well as receipt and renewal notices.  Alumni tracking includes; area study, degree, fraternity and sorority, funding source, institution and location, as well as alumni interests and activities.

Create Easy to Read Reports

Our reports provide a great deal of flexibility.  They allow you to analyze your campaigns, appeals, solicitors, donors, memberships, alumni, and all other fundraising activities.   The reports in Donation Director make it easy to find lapsed donors, quickly generate labels, send mass emails, generate solicitation letters, and create various listings.  All reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or Word.

Powerful Search Functionality - Watch a video!

Easily create and save powerful searches to be used to analyze every aspect of your donor database.  These searches allow you to evaluate your donors’ giving performance by consecutive, decrease and increase, LYBUNT and SYBUNT, new, recaptured, repeat, same, or non-giver criteria.  Saved searches can also be used to scope emails, exports, labels, letters, and reports.

Analyze & Target Donors

The power of Donation Director is to analyze and track donors using donor comparison, donor retention, LYBUNT and SYBUNT, range of giving comparison, and drill down campaign status reports.

Track Pledges & Donations - Watch a video!

In Donation Director, entering pledges and donations is quick and easy.  Simply enter amounts and select from pull down menus the various configurable options associated with each transaction. Once a transaction is entered, you can then immediately print or email thank you and receipt letters if you choose.  You may also process them collectively at another time when you are ready to mail or email the letters to your donors.

Donor Accounts

Donation Director gives you access to all your donor’s information in an easy to navigate window.  Contact information, personal interests, giving history, demography, the ability to track other organizations and people related to that account, and create custom fields, are all supported.  You can also document conversations, create tasks, send emails, and manage all communications.

More Highlights...

- Easily prioritize your fundraising activities
- Easy to use with many functionalities and capabilities
- Track campaigns, appeals, event assignments, donors, volunteers, memberships, and alumni
- Track donations and pledges
- Tracks all correspondence activity
- Create dedication notifications, solicitor notifications, and employer match notifications
- Group accounts for emailing, reports, correspondence, and integration with Constant Contact®
- Organize and track donor information, giving, important dates, transactions, account solicitor, demography, notes
- Customizable thank you letters, pledge reminders, and tax receipts
- Instant mail merges for acknowledgments, pledge reminders, and tax receipts
- Custom billing schedules, donation matching, easy exports, flexible reporting, and task management
- Powerful search functionality and the ability to analyze your donors
- Integration with QuickBooks®
- Extremely flexible data entry