Donation Director's Two Year Support Plan

We offer a Two Year Support Plan to help make acquiring Donation Director, and our Annual Support and Maintenance, even more affordable.  If you know you want to extend your Support past the expiration of the first 60 days included with the purchase of Donation Director, purchasing our Two Year Support Plan, in conjunction with Donation Director, is a great way to get started at a lower initial cost.  There are no fees or finance charges associated with this promotion if paid in full by the yearly due dates, otherwise, deferred interest charges may occur. 

Our Two Year Support Plan takes the purchase price of Donation Director and two years of our Annual Support and Maintenance fee(s) and adds them together.  This amount is then divided in half, to be paid in two installments.  The first payment is due before installation of Donation Director and the second equal payment is due one year from the expiration date of your first 60 days of free Support included with the purchase of our software.   After this two year period, if you have valued our Support and want to continue with it, our current Annual Support and Maintenance fee(s) for the next year would apply. Additional modules must be purchased separately, but you are able to bundle them into the Two Year Support Plan. 


Currently, assuming there are no conversion costs and no additional modules, here is how the Two Year Support Plan would look with Donation Director’s Single User License: 

Donation Director’s Single User License ($1599) + First Year’s Support ($525) + Second Year’s Support ($525) = $2,649 total / 2 = Two Yearly Payments of $1,324.50

The Two Year Support Plan includes the purchase of Donation Director, 60 days of included Support, and two additional years of Support and Maintenance.  Our Two Year Support Plan is a great way to ensure you will be covered under our Support and Maintenance for 26 full months.  

Our Annual Support and Maintenance includes the following:

1) Unlimited training sessions for current or new users
2) Unlimited technical phone Support (Monday through Friday from 7am to 3:30pm Pacific Time)
3) All software updates and/or upgrades released during that year
4) Consultations with our Suppot Team on how to best use Donation Director in your office

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