Donation Director System Requirements

Workstation Requirement:

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (we do not Support Windows XP or 10 S)

Server Requirement:

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or newer (PostgreSQL installed only)

Workstation + Server Requirements:

  • Minimum Free Hard Drive Space: 5GB (+20GB Recommended)

  • MInimum Display Resolution: 1074 x 768 (1920 x 1080 recommended)

  • Minimum Ram: 4GB (6-8GB+ recommended for Windows Professional)

  • Intel Pentium 4 Class Processsor or higher (all current Intel + AMD Processors will run Donation Director)

  • Internet Access: Cable/DSL or other high speed internet connection recommended

  • Email: Donation Director is not compatible with 64 bit version of Outlook

Accounting Interface Requirements:

  • The workstation + server requirements are the same as Donation Director.

  • The Accounting Interface only integrates with QuickBooks® desktop versions.

  • The Accounting Interface must be installed on a PC running Donation Director.

  • The Accounting Interface must be installed on the same PC as QuickBooks® or must have access to the QuickBooks® company file over a network.

  • For best performance, have QuickBooks® running with the correct company file open

Security and Permissions Requirement:

  • Click here to review our Security and Permissions Policy.

Other Important System Requirement Information:

Donation Director uses PostgreSQL as the database engine.  PostgreSQL is extremely scalable and can be installed and configured to run on a stand-alone computer, in a “peer-to-peer” setting, or on a file server running Windows Server 2003 or higher.  Resource requirements can vary widely depending on the number of concurrent users and the volume of data being processed at any given time.  Having 8GB of RAM and employing multi-core processors will adequately handle the majority of situations. 

There is no need for a specific type of network or file server to run Donation Director, but if you are going to have the Donation Director user interface running on a server, it needs to be on Windows Server 2008 or higher. If you will only be hosting the PostgreSQL database on a server, it can be Windows Server 2003 or higher.  Essentially, the Donation Director user interface doesn't work with the Windows XP kernal, but the PostgreSQL database engine does (in addition to several other non-Windows operating systems).  Donation Director will work on a standalone computer, a “peer to peer” network, Windows Server or in a Remote Desktop Services environment.

If your nonprofit chooses to install Donation Director in a Remote Desktop Services, or the older Terminal Services environment, be sure to choose a qualified and certified network professional. We will work in conjunction with whomever you choose to install Donation Director.

Our system requirements are based on the assumption that nonprofits replace their computer hardware and operating systems approximately every three years.  Of course, as processing speed and RAM are increased, software performance will also improve. We recommend using business-class computers, which generally offer higher levels of performance than home models when running business applications.  

Remote access to your PCs for support, training, and installation will significantly improve our ability to support Donation Director.  If remote access is not available we will do our best to provide quality support, however, some issues may take longer to resolve.  Also some situations may require the transfer of your donor database to our server for testing.  All donor information is held securely and used solely for testing and issue resolution.