Donation Tracker - Campaign Software for United Ways

Donation Tracker was specifically designed for United Way offices and is the most cost effective Campaign Management Software/CRM tool available. With our CRM featurs, including our Accounting Interface designed for QuickBooks®, Donation Tracker has all the tools your United Way will need to sucessfully manage your campaigns, year after year.

A little bit of History...

Donation Tracker was originally created as the result of a neighboring United Way office being frustrated with their existing Campaign Management Software. They convinced us of the need for United Way specific software with specific features unique to how United Way does business, and even more importantly, its need to be strongly supported. From the very beginning, the mission of Donation Tracker has been to provide an inexpensive and easy to use tool to manage a United Way Campaign. In addition, for the support costs to remain fixed and not rise from year to year. It’s like a circle. The support reflects the software, and the software reflects the support.  If the product is hard to use, doesn’t have the needed features, or is not a solid product, then the support costs rise. Because one of our goals is to never raise the cost of our support we must strive to make the software easier to use by changing the areas of the system that get the most attention from our support calls.  By forever changing the software not to just include new features, but to reduce the need for the users to call forsupport, we are creating a win - win situation. The users are less frustrated, they spend less time calling in for support and we are then able to keep our support cost down but at the same time we are creating a better product that then in turn gives the users more value for their original investment.  

At Cascade Data Solutions, we have a great sense of urgency to continue this circle of software and support. Because of the low upfront cost for Donation Tracker, we are only able to make our profit by retaining our customers for the long term.  And how do we retain our customers?  By the circle of software and support.  Good software helps to create good support.  But just as important, good support and maintenance creates good software.  In some respects what you are buying from us is a software package that comes with a built in relationship. The relationship starts when you first make contact with us, and grows each day once the purchase has been made and continues through installation and on into the future.  We all know a relationship is based on commitment. This commitment helps you to get the most out of your upfront investment, as well as the yearly support and maintenances cost.  This commitment also helps us keep you as a customer, but more importantly as a satisfied customer with no reason to go anywhere else.  

We invite you to join the Donation Tracker circle!