Accounting Interface

Donation Trackers's Accounting Inferface designed for QuickBooks® is available to purchase separately from the main application and has addtional yearly fees. If you are interested in learning more about Donation Tracker's Accounting Inferface, please call 800-280-2090 to request pricing or a demonstration.

This optional module allows transactions keyed into Donation Tracker to be imported directly into QuickBooks. This includes pledges, payments, adjustments, deletions, and write-offs. The information imported into QuickBooks will be posted as journal entries associated with a customer named Donation Tracker.

Requirements to purchase the Accounting Interface module:

- The system requirements are the same as Donation Tracker’s
- The Accounting Interface only integrates with QuickBooks® 2005 or newer desktop versions (we do not integrate with QuickBooks® online versions)
- The Accounting Interface must be installed on a PC running Donation Tracker
- The Accounting Interface must be installed on the same PC as QuickBooks® or must have access to the QuickBooks® company file over a network
- For best performance, have QuickBooks® running with the correct company file open