Donation Tracker Optional Software Modules

Donation Trackers's optional modules are purchased separately from the main application and have their own support costs. We separate these modules from Donation Tracker because in many cases they are not needed by all of our clients and it allows us to make Donation Tracker more affordable. 

Multiple Database Option

If your office is currently, or thinking about, acting as a back office for pledge processing for more than one United Way office, then we have the ideal solution for you.  Donation Tracker offers you the ability to record and maintain all campaign data for multiple United Way locations.  Each location operates autonomously from the other, which gives you total control over how each location's campaign is configured and recorded. Switching between locations is as easy as selecting a menu option and picking the desired location from a pre-defined list.  Because you are actually working out of multiple Donation Tracker databases, you can configure each location's specific settings without impacting any of the other locations. It's just like having two or more copies of Donation Tracker, one for each location.  Please call us for a more in-depth discussion of how the multiple database version of Donation Tracker could be used in your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purchase price of the multiple database option?
A: The purchase price of each multiple database is half of the current purchase price of Donation Tracker for the metro size whose data will be stored in the multiple database.

Q: What is the Annual Support and Maintenance fee for the multiple database option?
A: After the first year, the Annual Support and Maintenance fee for each multiple database is simply the current Annual Support and Maintenance costs for the metro size of the United Way whose data is being processed in the multiple database.

Q: What does the Annual Support and Maintenance fee for the multiple database option include?
A: The Annual Support and Maintenance fee for each multiple database includes our standard Support including; unlimited technical support, updates and upgrades, and training.

Q: What if the United Way whose data is being processed in the multiple database decides to manage their own data and use Donation Tracker independently?
A: They can choose to purchase Donation Tracker for their office with the amount already paid for the multiple database credited towards the purchase price of Donation Tracker.

Accounting Interface designed for QuickBooks®

This optional module allows transactions keyed into Donation Tracker to be imported directly into QuickBooks. This includes pledges, payments, adjustments, deletions, and write-offs. The information imported into QuickBooks will be posted as journal entries associated with a customer named Donation Tracker.

Requirements for the Accounting Interface module are as follows:

- The system requirements are the same as Donation Tracker’s
- The Accounting Interface only integrates with QuickBooks® 2005 or newer desktop versions (we do not integrate with QuickBooks® online versions)
- The Accounting Interface must be installed on a PC running Donation Tracker
- The Accounting Interface must be installed on the same PC as QuickBooks® or must have access to the QuickBooks® company file over a network
- For best performance, have QuickBooks® running with the correct company file open

Automatic Credit Card Processing

We have teamed up with X-Charge to provide you with an affordable option to process credit card payments.  All it takes is paying a onetime fee for the setup of the Credit Card Processing Module for Donation Tracker and setting up a merchant account through X-Charge.  We chose X-Charge because their credit card processing fees were the lowest of those we looked at and they also allowed us to integrate their system as closely as possible with Donation Tracker.  This integration makes processing credit cards easy and very secure.  X-Charge meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS.  Only an alias of the donor’s card number and the last 4 digits are stored in the Donation Tracker database.  This makes your donor’s credit card information as secure as possible.  For more information about PCI DSS certification and credit card security please visit:

 X-Charge also supports a full range of credit card processing options.  If you need to process credit cards outside of Donation Tracker, X-Charge will work for that too, and very likely save you money over your current credit card processing provider.  X-Charge has very competitive rates when compared to other credit card processors.  You will set up a merchant account directly though X-Charge and your transaction fee will be based on your type of business and volume of transactions.  To activate X-Charge within our software we charge a onetime setup fee of $200.  Purchasing the credit card integration will not add to your yearly support costs.

You may contact X-Charge at (800) 338-6614 ext. 842 to discuss setting up a merchant account or for more information.  

Data Import Routine

If your office currently receives employee pledges from employers in the form of a spreadsheet that you end up having to re-key into Donation Tracker then we have the ideal solution for you. Donation Tracker now has an optional Data Import Program which offers you the ability to import employee giving by defining an import format and using our new data import program to bring in the giving information without the need of having to re-key every single pledge. You are provided with the ability to match up and review each employee donor and their giving information prior to actually bringing the information into Donation Tracker. This helps prevent creating duplicate accounts and allows you to keep your contact information current.

Donation Tracker's Optional Software Module Pricing