Cascade Data Solutions

Privacy Policy

Our company takes our client's and their donor's privacy very seriously.  All information regarding Cascade Data Solutions' clients is held on a secure server.  Cascade Data Solutions does not sell or distribute client information to any other party. Client's data provided to Cascade Data Solutions is used for client support only.

Security and Permissions Policy

Due to heightened security settings within the Windows Operating System, it may become necessary for changes to be made to the User Account Control (UAC) or permissions on your computer to update or install Cascade Data Solutions' programs successfully.  Cascade Data Solutions cannot make changes to your company's computer security settings.  All required permissions and user access changes must be initiated through you and/or your IT department prior to updating or installing any of Cascade Data Solutions' programs.  If you do not have IT available, with your authority, we can help instruct you on how to make temporary changes to the UAC.

To successfully run and update our programs, at minimum, you will need to:

  1. Have permissions that enable you to install, run programs and updates on your own computer
    This is commonly known as being setup as a Local Administrator on your own computer.

  2. Have permissions that allow you to read, write, and delete within the DT2k/DT4 folder on your own computer
    This is commonly located at C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) on your own computer.

  3. Have permissions that allow you to read, write, and delete within the shared DT2k/DT4 folder
    This location can differ in each United Way, such as if the data is on a server or another staff member’s computer.  Your exact location can be identified at the bottom of the Donation Tracker screen once you are logged in to Donation Tracker from any workstation in the office.

  4. Have your Network Discovery turned on, or have access to if your shared DT2k/DT4 folder is on a Network
    Check your Network Settings in the Control Panel on your computer under Network and Sharing Center/Change Advanced Sharing Settings.

  5. Have access to the Administrator login/password if your computer’s User Account Control are set above “Never Notify” and requires the permission of the Administrator
    Check your UAC setting in the Control Panel on your computer under User Accounts/Change User Account Control Setting