What Our Partners Are Saying

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate you all!  You make my life so simple by creating reports such as the one for the Database I & II surveys.  All I have to do is run the reports and everything I need is right there.  Love it!  Thank you!!"

Maria Haug, Accountant & Volunteer Coordinator
United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties

"We are loving the system. Above all, your customer support is better than any I have EVER encountered. The staff is very patient with us and each one works very hard to help us resolve any problems we have. We don’t have to wait a long time to get a solution or help. It is really awesome. I am not just kidding when I say they are the best. Just wanted you to know."

Donna Clemmons, HR Director
Wiregrass United Way

"I want to let you know that your support staff is the best I have EVER worked with!! My United Way has had no director for several years.  Add to that a bad lightning strike that wiped out our computer, and the external drive that was attached to it making us lose our DT and Quick Books information back to December of last year.  I have had more sessions with your staff than I can remember.  Tisha’s name stands out, but there have been others that have walked me through many tearful moments.  They are always kind, considerate, supportive, and dang smart ladies.  They even helped me in QB to make the deposits work out correctly.  They go up and above!! Thank you so much for such fantastic support of your software!"

Tammy Jopp, Executive Director
Morrison County United Way

I would like to compliment you on your support staff member Kelly. I've called and worked with her several times now. I have to say that she is not only knowledgeable and professional, she is also upbeat, positive and a joy. It truly feels like my problem is her problem. I'm so thankful that you have awesome team members like her. It sure makes my life easier.” 

Terri Callis, Financial Coordinator
United Way of Sumner County

 "We have been a Donation Tracker user since 2008.  The software is reliable, user friendly and easy to understand.  Better than the software is the customer support.  The team working with Donation Tracker are second to none.  They answer your questions and tend to your needs quickly and cheerfully."

Scot Quintel, Executive Director
United Way of Whitewater Valley

"As a small United Way, Donation Tracker has allowed staff to collect, organize, and report on large amounts of donor information with ease and efficiency. A huge perk to this software, is the support team that comes along with it – the customer service is outstanding.  I have recommended Donation Tracker and its sister software, Donation Director, to many others and they’ve been as pleased as we are with the quality and support. I highly recommend this user-friendly software for any organization looking to easily manage fundraising, volunteer, and donor information."

Keri Albright, President & CEO
Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way

"We have used Donation Tracker for over 10 years now, 8 of which I have been working at our office.  It does not matter what level of knowledge you have with Donation Tracker their staff is always available to help in whatever way possible from the smallest tasks to the biggest special request reports.  I would recommend Donation Tracker to anyone considering to use and have on many occasions."

Lyn Demaret, President/CEO
River Cities United Way

“I would recommend Donation Director highly for several reasons, but the most important one is: Customer Service!! You actually talk to a real person, real fast, who can really solve your problem. They have helped us create reports that are specific to our unique fundraisers. We now use Donation Director to record all of our income, saving time and making our bookkeeping easier. For a small organization like ours, with a variety of fundraisers and other income streams, Donation Director is ideal.”

Jacki Neil Boss, Executive Director
The Arc of Winnebago, Boone & Ogle Counties

"Before purchasing Donation Tracker, I was  concerned with transferring my campaign data from one system to another.  This concern involved the integrity of the data and possible loss of data during the transition.  With Donation Tracker, the transition ran smoothly and Donation Tracker support assisted me by answering my questions and helping me prepare my data for the transfer, I had no problems at all. The Donation Tracker software meets all of our needs.  In the times I have needed additional reports for specific information, Donation Tracker Support has assisted me and always in a timely manner.  The customer service is outstanding.  In the current customer service environment, many times a customer will have frustration and end a phone call with unanswered questions and a frown on her face.  This has never happened with Donation Tracker.  The tech support team is courteous and helpful, always.  I would rate Donation Tracker customer support a 10+ with 10 being the highest customer satisfaction possible! I would not hesitate to recommend Donation Tracker, the software is easy to use, customized reports are available, the training offered for new users is complete, and the tech support is outstanding."

Carolyn Hainaut, Office Manager
United Way of Indiana County

"I have been using Donation Tracker software for 9 years and have grown to appreciate how it makes my job much easier.  Not only is the software reliable, the support staff at Donation Tracker offers excellent customer service.They are very knowledgeable and ready to assist with any issue. I would definitely recommend Donation Tracker to anyone that needs to track pledges/payments, etc.  A first class software with first class support!!"

Anna Lester, Executive Assistant
United Way of Southern West Virginia

"We went from having no donor tracking program and selected Donation Director in 2007 - no regrets ever. The program is reliable, easy to work with, affordable and a valuable tool for donor information that allows us to be better stewards of their contributions. Through the years, Cascade Data Solutions has and continues to provide outstanding customer service and technical support. It is clear that they strive to provide a superior product that keeps the customers needs in mind. I have had a number of School Foundation directors or Board officials call me and with confidence give a thumbs up to Donation Director."

Kristine Vanden Heuvel, Director
Wausau School Foundation

"One of the great strengths of Donation Tracker is the customer service they provide and the relationships that we have with their support team.  They have taken the time to get to know us -- they are familiar with our needs and where we stand in our knowledge of Donation Tracker --  so as we learn and expand what we want to track, they are able to guide us to the "next level."  We are very happy with the custom reports Donation Tracker has created for us, and the fact that they are included in our support contract.  When we discover we need to change or make a new report, we don't have to worry about budget - we know it's included and we can get it done right away. Personally, I think the Donation Tracker Reports are much more readable and easier to understand than those I have seen generated by ANDAR.  A layperson who doesn't have Donation Tracker can understand a Donation Tracker report without having to go through a learning curve or call for an explanation."

Cyndee Garrod, Campaign/Volunteer Manager
Van Buren County United Way

"Our United Way was using software that did not meet our needs any longer and we had to prepare way too many “Work-arounds” to get the reports out.  The Executive Director became aware of Donation Tracker at a state United Way conference.  I have purchased and managed many industry-specific databases and I must say, I’m most impressed with Donation Tracker products.  The ease of installation, the training and ultimately, the “user-friendliness of the software has made our donor management extremely efficient.  We’re using the database not only for donations, but also for special event tracking through the free Constant Contact feature.  Lastly, Donation Tracker’s customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced.  The patience their staff shows when I’m not able to always explain my issues, and the immediate return of phone calls is exemplary.  I thank our Board of Directors frequently for allowing this purchase."

Anja Wing, Office Manager
United Way of Wexford-Missaukee Counties

"As an administrative assistant for a non-profit organization, I would highly recommend the Donation Director.  This tool helped me to put all of our donors past and present into one location with step by step assistance.  This program provides easy access to information and reports as needed.  I appreciated the training prior to using the program as well as the continued support from the Donation Director staff when reminders on “how to do’s” were needed."

Shelly Cerkan, Administrative Assistant
Boys & Girls Clubs of Park County

“We love Donation Tracker!  It has been extremely helpful in populating data for the Database II survey.  The multitude of reports available have been very useful also.  If there is a report that we do not see in there, Donation Tracker is able to create one for us.  They have excellent people working in their customer service department that reply promptly.”

United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties

"From an IT perspective (we support Larimer County Boys & Girls Clubs), the Donation Directory software and support team are very easy to work with. We have hosted and managed lots of different software solutions for customers, and it is very nice to work with such an easy to manage product like Donation Director."

Rob Protzman
Chartered Technology

"I was recently hired to the United Way in December 2013.   I found Donation Tracker to be very user-friendly, and when a question did arise that required further assistance, a representative from Donation Tracker linked into my computer directly and walked me through the process to correct the situation, which was of tremendous help to me. A portion of the confidence I have gained in my new position with the United Way is received purely by knowing that assistance is just a phone call away to Donation Tracker, to provide support if needed."

Shelley Walker, Director of Finance and Administration
United Way of Washington County

“In real estate the most important point to remember is, “Location!  Location!  Location!”  With Donation Tracker you get, “Customer Service!  Customer Service!  Customer Service!”  Can you believe it?  A human being actually answers the phone!  No!  Really!  And their first answer is, “Yes!”  When you want that report or letter customized, they say, “Sure, we can do that!”  While attending a Small Cities Conference I identified the sharpest people by asking, “Who uses Donation Tracker?”  BTW,  Did I mention Customer Service?  Would I recommend Donation Tracker?  Ah, yeAH!"

Pat Goggin, Executive Director
United Way of Wexford-Missaukee Counties

"Before Donation Tracker our organization was running our annual campaign using a very elaborate set of Excel spreadsheets.  Donation Tracker has been a critical key to our federation's growth and sucess over the last few years.  I do not hesitate to recommend Donation Tracker!  I would not do the work we do without Donation Tracker and I would go job hunting before I would process a campaign with any other program.  When Donation Tracker promises customer service, they deliver! Their customer service is exemplary and a key reason that we love using their system!  The very best thing about Donation Tracker is that it is designed to do exactly what we do with workplace giving. It tracks annual campaigns, donors and designations. We can track donors from company to company, but still retain clean data from campaign to campaign. AND, there is no 'making it work'; the program is designed to track everything perfectly.  An unexpected outcome of Donation Tracker is seen in the smiles on the faces of our auditors. Since installing and implementing Donation Tracker, our audit results have been exceptional and the auditors are thrilled with the way that Donation Tracker retains our campaign results and the reliability of the data and reports it produces."

Kiersten Hill, Executive Director
Community Services Fund of Nebraska

“The support team at Cascade Data Solutions is awesome!  When I need assistance on a report that I want to generate, Camille walks me step by step through the process.  Prior to purchasing a product or service from a Company, frequently the customer service is excellent and then it seems to go away, but not so with Cascade!  Even though our agency is located on the East Coast and they are on the West, the time difference has never been an issue.  We have used this system since 2011.”

Janet Boyers, Office Manager
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County, PA

"The price was so affordable that it made the software seem too good to be true, especially compared to what else is out there for United Way’s.  But that was not the case at all – we are very pleased with the software and it is serving our needs very well. The most pleasing thing about the software is how user-friendly it is.  There are so many reports available that it’s hard to find a report that hasn’t already been created.  Even the simple reports that are available have made tracking certain events much easier for us and saved a lot of time.  Whenever I have a question, I know there are great people in the customer service department that are willing to answer our questions and go the extra mile to make sure we accomplished what we intended to do. We would recommend it, and in fact already have.  Affordability is such a huge thing for United Way’s and you cannot beat this price.  There are other, fancier programs out there that cost literally five times more and yet are not even designed specifically for United Way use.  We are very pleased that we chose to go this route with Donation Tracker and look forward to strengthening our relationship for many more years."

Zach Siebert, Director of Finance
United Way of Lake County

"Donation Director has been an amazing tool for our Foundation. As a new person to my job, I found it simple to get the hang of and when I did run into something I didn't know, their customer support was able to walk me through so easily!"

Brittney Hogan, Administrative Assistant
Minot Public School Foundation

"First of all we had many reservations about going on another software but we were “forced’ to since IMS was going out of business and would no longer offer maintenance, assistance or anything.  If anybody asked me I  would “shout it from the mountain tops” that Cascade Data Solutions / Donation Tracker is the best thing that happened to our United Way!  The next best thing is Bryan!  He is awesome.  I have NEVER called him that he could not help me.  If something were to happen to him, Cascade Data Solutions would suffer a GREAT LOSS!!!!! So to sum it up: Cascade Data Solutions /Donation Tracker is AWESOME!!!  Their Technical Support is OUT OF THIS WORLD, especially Bryan!!"

Ann Graham, Administrative Manager
United Way of Horry County

“We originally were of the opinion that Donation Tracker was designed for small organizations. Given that we are a mid-sized United Way, we were concerned that the system would not meet our needs. Research identified other similar sized organizations which were using Donation Tracker and consequently we made a decision to proceed with the purchase. The software is very user-friendly and the data conversion and start-up expenses were extremely reasonable. The training, technical support and customer service provided by Cascade Solutions are exceptional. Our staff are extremely satisfied with Donation Tracker and I would recommend the product to others."

Gary L. Vipond, CEO
United Way of Sault Ste. Marie and District

“As a half-time employee, and nearing full retirement, I was more than a little anxious when the Executive Director and Board decided we needed to buy Donation Tracker software.  I thought we had a pretty good system in place. I was wrong – and had no reason for anxiety.  The DT software provides information we could not come close to generating previously.  It gives us quick answers to important questions and generates detailed reports that will satisfy any board inquiry. My aging head was carefully trained by DT staff members, who continue to respond quickly to my requests for help.  We’ve been able to improve our communications with donors every year the system has been in place -- and we will see another important leap forward when we are able to fully exploit the Constant Contact function.”

Ed Jacobson, Executive Assistant
Capital Area United Way

"When I received the email that we were getting the new Donation Director software, I was very excited and I wanted to try it right away. I knew they were be small problems getting it up and running correctly, but I wasn’t concerned. Our company has been using donation director over 7 yrs and they are number one in trouble shooting.  After Implementing Donation Director, I was real pleased the way the new navigating system setup appeared, and the most wonderful thing was the training you received to help you manage the new software was outstanding, they made it so easy to start up. Donation Director Representatives is offering ongoing training so you could feel at ease with your new software. I recommend Donation Director to anyone who would like to make their lives a whole lot easier."

Mr. Vince DelMonte, Executive Director
Ms. Brenda Wiley, Executive Director Assistant
Frank Callen Boys & Girls Clubs

"In considering the switch from a former software to Donation Tracker our local United Way staff and Board explored any software advantages, conversion capabilities, and overall benefits to switching software. Donation Tracker has filled the needs of a charitable fundraising organization of our size and scope. The staff overall support and response time coupled with the company’s continuous efforts to upgrade, expand, and accommodate the needs of its clients has met and oftentimes exceeded our expectations. We would recommend Donation Tracker to non-profits of our size and which might have similar needs for tracking donations and donor giving."

Debi Busch, Executive Director
Lake Area United Way, Inc.

"We have used Donation Tracker for more than 10 years. The cost of Donation Tracker and it’s support cost have been significantly lower than anyone else we have looked at.  The support is never more than a phone call away. When we have called we have always reached a human being on the other end. 99% of our requests are handled with one call. We don’t use all the bells and whistles because we are a small 2 person shop. But each year we incorporate something new into our operation. Simply, Donation Tracker has been the finest program we have ever used. The people are outstanding."

United Way of Rome & Floyd County

"I, like many other local United Way organizations, am an office of one person.  My job description literally says 'and don't forget to take out the trash' at the end.  We do it all from campaign to community investment to A/R to A/P.  No HR or marketing departments to call upon for support.  Certainly no IT guy to call in and fix the latest bug.  That's where Donation Tracker staff has become absolutely invaluable in my work.  I need to be out there in the community, not stuck at the computer trying to figure out how to make the software support the efforts of myself or my volunteers.  I needed to learn the system - one call told me there were online tutorials to complete at my convenience.  I needed to figure out how to use more advanced features - a Donation Tracker staff person scheduled a one-on-one tutorial to walk me through the reporting features.  I needed customized reports - that same person developed, sent and instructed me on how to save them within easy reach.  I needed to back up my data - she taught me how to do so within a few clicks.  I screwed up an envelope in the heat of the campaign - one call gave me the fix instantly without wasting my time wading through help screens (oh, and she remembered me from the previous call which was a nice relationship builder!).  In all honesty, I was pretty cynical about the program when I first started.  But the customer service has been the bridge I needed from procrastination and inactivity to full embracement.  Donation Tracker (software and tech support) fits the size and scope of our organization perfectly."

Tina Payne, Executive Director
Harvey County United Way

"Donation Tracker is a very effective and efficient tool to our United Way.  We use Dontation Tracker not only for pledge/payment processing but now use all of its benefits as an effective Marketing Tool.  The support team at Cascade Data Solutions is first class, their response time is quick, and their team is always willing to help you through questions, problems, and finding solutions that work best for your specific United Way."

Paula Gojmerac, Community Impact Manager
United Way of the Laurel Highlands

"Donation Tracker is the perfect software for local United Way’s to track and mine our important data. They are continually upgrading the software to link with other products, such as QuickBooks and Constant Contact, always looking for ways to make our jobs easier.  Their customer support is beyond comparison with any other software provider we have known."

Nancy Jernigan, Executive Director
United Way of Southeast Missouri

"We had researched a number of software solutions and made our decision to go with Donation Tracker largely based on cost.  However, once we installed the program and starting using it, price was less of an issue and ease of use, customer service, training  and the fact that the software could do everything we wanted and more, became major reasons why we recommend our colleges in both Canada and the United States to seriously consider Donation Tracker."

Dave Brown, Executive Director
United Way of Sarnia-Lambton

"Donation Tracker was already in use at our United Way when I arrived and the Donation Tracker team have been great in training me how to utilize the information we have kept in there for the past 10 years.  When I need a special report they create it, when I have an issue they call me right back.  I would recommend them solely on their 5-star customer service!  I also love that they have synced with Constant Contact as that has made my job easier."

Tracey G. Laitinen, Executive Director
United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula

“I’m not intuitive with computer programs as I would like. That’s why I don’t hesitate when I have a question to call Cascade Solution’s hotline. They are always friendly, and most of all patient. This has created a better product on our end looking at donors and the best way to analyze data.”

Gayle L. Whittenberg, Director of Development
United Way of Yellowstone County

"My name is Barb Magill, Executive Assistant for the United Way of Franklin County in Rocky Mount, Virginia.  When I took this position I already had knowledge of other tracking programs and was actually considering switching to one of them, especially the free ones.  As a courteously I agreed to use Donation Tracker during the transition thinking I could change at any time. The program itself was neat, clean and truly user friendly. The more in-depth I used the program I would find myself in a pinch for an immediate answer. The 800 number they give you, use it; the team you interact with are a friendly; extremely knowledgeable about their product; and an ever ready to assist group of techies. I have given challenges with customized material, errors I just couldn’t correct and on days when I would throw my hands up because of OE; they just smile and walk me through the fix.  They are amazing and I am happy to say I am a Donation Tracker addict. I will not change to another --  it’s just too easy to keep."

Barb Magill, Executive Assistant
Franklin County United Way

"Donation Tracker makes our operation easier!  It is  user friendly and the reports are adaptable for extracting comprehensive information.  My favorite feature is being able to export information into other applications that I can format for meetings, letters, emails, presentations etc.   Support is always a concern when purchasing software, but the staff at Cascade Data Solutions are first-rate and customer service/support is excellent!  I am always greeted with courtesy and made to feel as if my call is the most important.  We have used Donation Tracker since 2004 and satisfaction has never waned.  I have frequently recommended this software to others and will continue to do so in the future."

Jan Chicoine, Office Manager
United Way of Haywood County

"I have worked with Donation Tracker for 13 years and have experienced many extremely positive outcomes with any issues I may have.  The staff, who are quick to respond, are always professional,  friendly and most of all, knowledgeable.  If I cannot work out a problem in a short period of time, I rely on the staff at Cascade Data Solutions.  They are my support team! Highly recommended!"

Sue Karg, Administrative Assistant
United Way of Independence County

“Before making the move to Cascade Data Solutions (over 12 years ago) I explored several other options.  I felt that Cascade Data Solutions had what we were looking for, would be user friendly and offered the kind of training and support we would need.  Hands down, the decision to go with Cascade Data Solutions was right!  Cascade Data Solutions is on top of the market, listens to the customer and is always accessible when needed. We continue to receive excellent customer service and the software takes care of every need we address.”

Mary Nye, Finance Director
Livingston County United Way

"I have been employed at United Way of Vance County in Henderson, NC, since June of 2007.  During this time, I have had the privilege of utilizing the Donation Tracker program for our United Way.  Prior to my employment with United Way, I had never experienced a financial tracking program.  The training provided by Donation Tracker was and continues to be, excellent.  The response time to solving problems created by myself, and not the program, is amazing.  The attitude of your staff towards users with little to no computer background is excellent.  I cannot imagine being able to do my job without having Donation Tracker." 

Jennifer Sawyer, Communications Director
United Way of Vance County

"Our main concerns for purchasing software other than the cost were
1.    Technical support and training
2.    User friendly program and adaptable to United Way’s data
3.    Ease of conversion of our previous database into a software program
4.    The ability to create customize reports

All of these issues were addressed during initial contact with Don Bayne.  In comparing software programs, Donation Tracker was not only feasible and cost effective both in purchasing the program and annual maintenance fees but also guaranteed that we would be provided with outstanding technical support and training.  Don as well as all of his staff are always available and have in fact provided the technical support and training as promised.  All of the staff at Donation Tracker are very friendly, competent and easy to deal with.  Donation Tracker is specifically designed for United Ways.  It was an extremely easy transition from our previous database and Donation Tracker was able to customize reports and continue to do so in a timely matter as needed.  The addition of the Quickbooks integration has proven to be a valuable asset creating complete accuracy as well as saving time with accounting entries.  Although Donation Tracker is already a fantastic program;  we are amazed that Don and his team are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand their program to benefit us in every way possible.  We highly recommend Donation Tracker to any United Way looking for a database program and would welcome anyone to contact us for our personal opinions.

Angela Briden, Office Co-ordinator Bookkeeper
Stephanie Bettridge, Office Co-ordinator Administrator
United Way of Sarnia-Lambton

"It was an unknown product to us and we had not heard of any other United Ways that were using it. Also, there were other’s on the market that were more popular.  The product is very user friendly and easy to learn; especially after having such a hard time learning the last product we had, Rainbow. The support staff are second to none! They are always friendly and more than willing to help with any questions!  YES!! I would recommend Donation Tracker because it IS an easy product to learn and the staff go above and beyond to help! Thank you for creating such a great product!!"

Barbara Center, Database Manager
United Way of Pickens County

"Donation Tracker is a great program for keeping accountability of the funds that are donated from individuals and firms for each campaign year. After a phone call to the Support Center I was directed to use the website tutorials in learning how to navigate Donation Tracker from entering pledges to different reports that help my Executive Director track his progress and even find those that he may still reach out to. The tutorials have been helpful in entering information for new pledges. Data entry in the program is very user friendly if you take the time to get used to it.  The reports are extensive but helpful. I have called the Support Center on many occasions for various issues. They are extremely helpful and very educated on the program. If their expertise isn't what is needed to solve the problem they are great about knowing who the person to talk to is. I have had to call with problems that have left me in a time crunch, and I think they have a priority level that they may place callers on, because they have always been able to help me find reports that I might need for a meeting. If they don't have a report that you need they can create it. I'm very comfortable in using Donation Tracker."

Kathryn Bell, Administrative Assistant
Warren County United Way

A sincere THANK YOU to our wonderful customers for providing these testimonials!